Increased Customer Loyalty





Customer loyalty does not happen overnight; it’s a lengthy process that requires focus and investment from your company. It can take years to establish a brand that customers can trust, and this can be done one customer at a time. The general rule for customer loyalty is that people may share a good experience with one or two friends, while sharing a bad experience with 8 friends. The power of social media has amplified that rule exponentially now, which means that one bad customer experience can provide a very negative hit to a customer’s reputation. This means that every interaction with a customer is vital.

The best way to ensure you increase loyalty and reduce a hit to your company’s reputation is to train all staff on loyalty initiatives. It is also important to train customers on what initiatives your company takes to ensure customer loyalty. A company advising its customers to expect more will be seen as more trustworthy which will in turn increase loyalty. You must also be willing to invest to track all customer interactions, which will help everyone in the company learn and grow.

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