Customer Complaint Management






Acceinfo can help you manage your customer complaints or issues. Many companies treat customer complaints as a necessary evil and an expense, but the truth is, resolving customer issues is a necessity, not an evil, and is a growth opportunity more than an expense.

Companies that listen to customer issues will have their fingers on the pulse of what makes their customers tick. It’s invaluable market research into the insights of buying patterns, customer loyalty and what makes a customer churn. The marketing value also leads to another growth opportunity: customers can be cross or upsold when their issues are properly categorized and handled.

Listening to customers is also a very cost effective way to source new ideas and innovations. Customers want to support the products they love and to have their voices heard when it comes to making their products better. A famous example comes from Taco Bell and the Doritos taco. In its first year, the taco sold over a billion units. The idea for the taco reportedly came from a customer complaining that the chain needed to innovate and offered the Doritos taco as an example of something that could be great for business. Listening to customers pays off, and having a way to handle their issues is essential for growth!

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